Friday, July 20, 2007

where i've been...

hello, dear lovelies!

i haven't felt called to this space for quite some time. it's not that i didn't want to come here. it's just not where the universe was inviting me to spend time...tonight, i am invited here & i am grateful.

i've been spending my time:

*having (or, perhaps more accurately, "continuing to have") doggie dreams. i dream of a doggie companion. i love thinking of names for this doggie dear. names like: luna, abe, red, dazzle, walt, izzy, rosie & halo. what are the names of your doggie dears and/or the doggie dears you dream of?
*renting Netflix delights. here's a treat that i invite you to check out: Mrs. Palfrey at The Claremont, a charming movie about friendship.
*reading Fabulous Friendship Festival by the radiant & true SARK!
*enjoying visits from special friends from california. friends who are family. while visiting together we shared yummy food & chocolate & walks & conversation (each night into the late hours) & sunshine & slumber parties & laughter & more laughter & stillness & silence & our visions for the future & the current landscape of our hearts & what it feels like to be mommas & daughters & sisters. who are your "friends who are family"?
*listening live to the music of a gentle & miraculous being, with whom i have the privilege of enjoying friendship & a weekly tea date. yippee!
*being what i name, "swirly twirly." my soulsister, kl, sent me an e-mail with these magical words (a new & empowering & affirming way to relate to my experience): "Swirly Twirly...Like a beautiful fairy princess riding the wind." i do love fairies!
*practicing ahimsa (non-violence). i intend to write more about this in another post...

yes, yes! i am on the edge of something & receiving many invitations from the universe to play along. one of these somethings is (today) letting go of the space that i intended to move into in 8 days! it's not the perfect space for me, i know. i feel at peace & relieved that i know this now for sure & i can move on (and, i will be getting my deposit back!). there are so many lessons in the upsets & abrupt shifts.

now, i am creating options and a new & perfect home space. and, learning to ride the waves grace-fully.

and, you? where have you been?

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