Sunday, September 7, 2008

bloggie thoughts

yes, it's been a long while, several moons, since i've posted. i was being quiet, listening for where i was being called. it's not that i was being called away from here; it is that i was not being called here, to this place/my bloggie residence. now, i feel a pull towards re-entering the bloggie world. in particular, i am experiencing a yearning to cultivate (creative) community in this way (and in other ways): on the web, via blogging.

i have many questions about this. beginning with the most basic: is this where i'm being called to direct (at least some of) my energy (amount unknown)? is this the space? or, is it time for the creation of a new space? instead of dancing with these questions in the silence and solo, i am coming here on this blue sky sunday afternoon and putting this piece of me out there, beyond me, as a way of releasing it and allowing it to unfurl, fly, perhaps ground (or, not), as it will, as it is intended.

so, here i am. hello, again.

much of what has been happening in my little spirit-heart-mind-body space is (along with healing and grieving) preparing for birth/midwiving/waiting/creating. it is an exciting time. a time of new, beginning...

whatever unfolds here or beyond, look for shades of new.

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