Saturday, January 31, 2009

some things

*listening to: "Thirty Things I Believe" (part of the This I Believe project) by Tarak McLain, a seven year old boy (thank you, C!); Ane Brun (thank you, Susannah!); Jen Lee's podcasts; and, jen gray's morning songs.
*delighting in: And the Pursuit of Happiness: The Inauguration. At Last. by Maira Kalman (thank you, again, C!).
*resonating with me: this post by Christine Mason Miller and this post by Andrea Scher.
*reading: Animal, Vegetable, Miracle; Journal of a Solitude; and this free e-book, The Complete Guide to Vision Boards, by Christine Kane.
*learning: to knit.
*cooking: this roasted sweet potatoes with red onions...recipe; this brussel sprouts recipe; the "Basic Cornbread" recipe from the Moosewood Cookbook; and Lemon Chicken Soup with Orzo.
*grounding me: honoring and celebrating the ordinary; moving and acting with intention; taking photos; going to the gym; resting; and, sharing a cup of tea, a sushi lunch and phone conversations with friends.
*guiding me: answering the questions "what makes my heart sing?" and "what do i need right now?" and "what is the most life-affirming/authentic/true choice/option for me right now?"
*following: my intuition.
*inspiring me: 1. my first inHERview with Kirsten Michelle. 2. a brave beauty, a dear sister in maine, speaking her truth when it was the very hardest thing to do. her truth telling awakens these questions in me: where do i/must i speak the truth? where have i been avoiding saying what is for me (causing me to suffer)? her truth telling reminds me: the truth does/will set me free (and others), enliven me (and others), inspire me (and others).
*looking forward to: a trip to virginia in two weeks to visit two beloveds; Squam Art Workshops; and, a House Concert tonight.
*preparing: a thank you letter to january 2009 and a hello letter to february 2009.

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