Sunday, March 22, 2009

dearest M

dearest letter M,

thank you, thank you, thank you for our visit.

we share the same name & this dear sister, as you know, is only the beginning of what we share.

when we met in the late 90s (hee-hee!) at that campground close to mount hood we/our spirits knew instantly - we go together like peanut butter & jelly - hand in hand. this meeting of sisters - long, long before the (recent) years when you said, "my life is like a Lifetime movie." and i thought, "my life is a bit like a Hallmark movie."

nearly 12 years continues to grow into visions of sitting beside one another - arms linked - when we are in our 90s.

when close to each other we spend most of our time with our arms linked together; being oh so silly; laughing, laughing, laughing; taking care of one another; snugglin' & huggin'; spilling truth after truth after truth; talking into tomorrow; and, enjoying chocolate, wine, coffee & tea treats.

this visit i rose & lightened in your presence. i claimed what's been blooming in my heart & life - ease; joy, joy, joy; healing & being in my body; being ready & available to find my partner & create home/life with another; singin' & swingin'; and, letting go of unnecessary weight & darkness. our visit came at the perfect, divine time - the spring equinox.

thank you for sharing these (additional) high*lights: asking me to officiate your & A's commitment ceremony next summer; meeting & spending the afternoon with Mohammed; making two batches of your home*made & love*made guacamole - one for our visit & one for me to enjoy after you caught your plane back to wyoming; crossing paths with two of my city sisters; reading the newspaper while sippin' cups o' coffee & tea; people watching; cooking together; and, listening to live music - her music & his music & his voice.

i love you, M.


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