Wednesday, March 4, 2009

joyFULLy participating in Wellness Wednesday

happy !

this past saturday i attended a retreat & this question was offered - a question at the heart of Wellness Wednesday: what nourishes your soul?

here were some of the responses from the wise women with whom i sat in the circle:
  • movement: yoga; dance; tai chi.
  • words & "good preaching."
  • having a prayer corner, table, shelf or chair in one's home.
  • being in relationship with nature & noticing the rhythms in nature.
  • wearing "inspired" clothing & jewelry - clothing & jewelry that calls out to us ("wear me today! wear me!"), lifts us & invites us to shine.
  • reaching out to help someone.
later we read an article entitled, "What Nourishes Your Soul?", by Laurie Blefeld. this article appears in the most recent publication of Sacred Journey. the greatest gift i received in reading this article was identifying what is called for in my life right now - the necessary nourishment to include in my response to the question: "what nourishes my soul?" this is what i must tend to: my willingness to receive, to be a recipient of love, light, goodness & connection.

on this Wellness Wednesday i am holding & offering these questions: what am i receiving? what are you receiving? what difference does receiving/being the recipient make?

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Lunarmusings said...

I so relate to wearing clothing and jewelry that inspires us. For me jewelry is a ritual adornment... a stone that vibrates in a way I need support from, or a color that supports my mood, or the shift I want to embody for the day. Yum!