Sunday, March 8, 2009

this weekend: a string o' gratitude

a string o' inspiration on my wall

* new bathroom towels & cloths - hot pink, blue & white * a clean nest * jelly beans * wide open windows * wearing a fleece & leaving my hat, scarf & gloves at home * a 24 hour visit with a friend, dh, from college: talking at my "kitchen" table (this table is also the space where i do quite a bit of writing & art making); lunch at a new favorite restaurant; walking around the city; sitting in the park; people watching; delighting in the endless flow of reconnecting conversation; laughter; playing cards; vegetarian chinese for dinner; a sweet Lucy Kaplansky concert - i was touched by her spoken & sung words; preparing for a restful sleep in my twinkle lit nest; waking before dh, reading in my bed & appreciating the presence & the life & the breath of another; and, saying "goodbye" & "see you in june" with a thankful embrace * listening to Hallelujah & Let It Be * three loads of laundry laundered (involving 6 trips up & down 5 flights of stairs!) * a sunday afternoon & evening & night to treasure *


jen* said...

I love your lists...every time I visit your blog my breath slows and a smile forms on my lips...I am so grateful I found your site!

Leslie said...

You have the most wonderful way of looking at the world, Gem. I can't wait until we are able to meet.

mary said...

I absolutely *love* this list, and the lovely shot of your inspiration string. Both just made my afternoon. :)

Anonymous said...

mmmmm. just reading your list here is relaxing, slows the heart. i've been running, scrambling, and it has been nice to be calmed.
love your inspiration string! is that animal from the muppet show over on the left? giggle giggle.
grin. ;o)