Tuesday, June 30, 2009

saw & see

in a moment with t. tonight, while eating gelato and conversing, i caught sight of the church steeple from where i sat. i noticed how it resided in the patches of blue in a cloudy sky. content. sure of itself. a flash of beauty and a moment of appreciation.

while walking home less than an hour later i was nearly blinded by the sun's light bouncing off the window panes of a building. taking a closer look at this building i noticed that it's one side was covered - almost entirely - with ivy. green, luscious, alive. i wonder - did the ivy send the (nearly) blinding light to get my attention (a lightening bolt of sorts) so that i could see it and receive some of it's green-ness, luscious-ness, alive-ness?

blocks later, nearly home, i look up and bow to the triangular shimmering opening of blue in the clouds?

this is what i saw.

and, this is what i see:

* freSH air * spaCIOUSness * being wrapped up in LOVing arms * hEALing & strengthening my body * mindFULLness * prESence * prACTice * crEATing * hOMe * simplicITY *

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