Monday, July 6, 2009

the goods: list 15

  • a notecard from a beloved sister received last monday evening. her words, "lighting the way." and, Roderick MacIver's words on the front of this notecard, "So much of the satisfaction in life is in taking a risk for the thing you love."
  • What would you ask for? post at my topography. today i am asking for: help and support as i prepare to move; a healed, strong and well body; loving partnership; calm and ease; a lightFULL, comfortable and inspiring home space; and, work that delights me and calls for me.
  • inspired by this post by Andrea Scher, i am asking this question: what am i paying attention to (and, what will thrive with the attention given)? being in my body; spirit's guidance; listening to my heart; inspiration; movement; rest; love; and, ease.
  • Marianne's Stepping Out (and in to what she knows she needs to do).
  • stumbling upon these words in a seemingly unlikely place (an ad in a newspaper on a table next to the photocopier in the office supply area at my work): "trust is everything."
  • reading about this Norwegian custom here: lighting a candle when someone comes to visit your home. how sweet this is.
  • walking by a bridal shop on 13th street on thursday afternoon and seeing a woman trying on her wedding dress.
  • summer sunSHINE! after so. much. rain.
  • this song.

1 comment:

joanne said...

i always love reading your lists... your inclusions always make me smile and so many times i feel my heart warm with delight... i love to light a candle when someone comes to visit, and never knew this was a custom!...

... it is so disrupting and exhausting to move... i hope it is as smooth as it can be and you will soon be nesting peacefully in your new home ...