Friday, August 14, 2009

the goods: list 18

  • on monday night, while conversing with a soul*sister, these lines from this song worked their way to me & whispered through me: "Peace in the struggle / To find peace / Comfort on the way / To comfort..." these words rose as my prayer for her. this week i have a long string of souls for whom i wish & sing this prayer. in particular, three college students - one who nearly lost his life, one who nearly took a life & one who was a witness. for them, their families & friends & for all of us, i sing & pray peace & comfort.
  • the trailer to a movie entitled, Lemonade. watch here.
  • Kindness Swap. i heart this idea!
  • on wednesday night i found my new home space in this new geography. this find was pure magic. i move into my new home on or around september 1. there are so many gifts in this. including, being a 10 minute walk to two homes of beloved friends. lucky, lucky me.
  • a 24 hour visit with family friends & my momma. my momma & i had a slumber party. such fun!
  • this message from an excerpt entitled, "Aimlessness", in Peace Is Every Step by Thich Nhat Hanh: "There is a word in Buddhism that means 'wishlessness' or 'aimlessness.' The idea is that you do not put something in front of you and run after it, because everything is already here, in yourself...we do not try to arrive anywhere...If we keep thinking of the future, of what we want to realize, we will lose our steps...Each moment brings us back to life...By taking good care of the present moment, we take good care of the future." let us honor our steps. let us be brought back to life in this moment & this moment & ...
  • sitting here at my desk, by the window, receiving the warm breeze & softening in the sunlight.
  • thinking about the fall. fall in this new geography. cherishing summer.

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