Friday, October 23, 2009

the goods: list 24

  • my first snow since leapin' north! um, yes, sunday, october 18th. october. mid-october. it's not even halloween yet. um, yes, i chose this. i did, i did!
  • these words from The Art of Intimacy by Thomas Patrick Malone, MD & Patrick Thomas Malone, MD ~
    "If you walk on the beach, especially in a protected experience a different ecosystem...That what you see is different, new, and strange to you heightens your seeing, and you feel an increased sense of connection to your surroundings. If you are out at night on that beach, you may look up and see a broad band of light sweep across the sky...You can actually see satellites go by overhead...nebulas and other galaxies. In short you see the night sky...Seeing it this way, you suddenly realize why earlier people cared so deeply about the heavens, why they named the constellations, why they charted the planets, why they looked at the sky. You feel how they could be connected, and sense how powerful an experience that connection is. In doing so, you connect yourself, in space to your stars and sky, and in time to your ancestors and descendants."
  • tuesday tea dates with Trish.
  • a recent 60 Minutes interview with Drew Barrymore. watch here.
  • last friday i attended a fabulous yoga class at a gym in the city. it was exactly what i needed after a challenging/in my head/stuck/heavy week. getting back in my body, moving deeply & powerfully, being in a new landscape & with a kindred, on the mat to my left ~ was the perfect kind o' medicine. after leaving the class, feeling open & connected while navigating unfamiliar city streets to get to an appointment, a woman approached me as i stood at a crosswalk. she turned to me & said, "excuse me, may i ask you a favor?" i turned to her & said, "yes." she said simply & clearly, "please include in your prayers, Linda, a woman who has cancer." i looked directly into her eyes ~ beyond her eyes, even ~ and, i said, "yes. yes, i will." "thank you," she said. i am keeping Linda in my prayers. after this encounter i thought ~ what an awesome thing, to simply walk up to another being & make a request like this. yes, let's do more of this ~ ask such things of one another...if i may, ask you a favor ~ please keep Linda, a woman who has cancer, in your prayers...thank you.
  • this book (found via Jeanine). read it here!
  • love mail to a fire*side beauty & my beloved soul*sister, s. we go way back ~ back since high school.
  • finding two scribblings on the sidewalk at dusk ~ they looked like angels wings to me.
  • an updated playlist ~ scroll on down to the bottom of this page to have a look & listen.
  • yesterday's inHERview with Helen of Dixon Hill. read it here.


Anonymous said...

I will be praying for Linda, too.
I love how your simply *being*
invites this. It does.

daffado said...

this is my first time at your blog and i arrived to find all your beautiful heart shaped rocks!! i love finding hearts everywhere too. yay.

Heather said...

There is this thing that happens when I read your words---I'm not quite speechless, but maybe it is that they inspire 'being' and taking in and that is enough. I'm so glad for the way that you share you.