Tuesday, December 29, 2009

the goods: list 32

  • "Within us / is the soul of the whole, / the wise silence, / the universal beauty, the eternal One." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • today is a day all to myself. my parents, bro and the family dog got in a car this a.m. to travel back to their homes after full and festive days here in new england. today this: a morning walk in the wind and cold to the library and grocery store; a phone chat with Trish to check in and plan for meeting up tomorrow; loads of laundry; a string of sent e-mails, offering my thanks for holiday wishes and treats; an updated budget and paid bills; downloaded photos; and, this sitting here ~ stretched out on the red couch, wrapped in blankets ~ with the twinkle lights and a candle lit.
  • time with sister*friends in the days ahead: meeting up with Trish tomorrow; celebrating d.'s 31st on the 31st; and, brunch with K. on the 1st.
  • being a part of her "Dig List." i can't wait to SEE her in january!
  • thinking about my word for 2010. i thought it was going to be "voice" or "clarity" and then days ago another word showed up and i think she might be the one for this new year. more about this later.

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