Saturday, January 2, 2010

2 january 2010

today this:
  • sleeping in.
  • opening the blinds to snowfall.
  • Wintersong, Abnormal, the brightness...
  • turning the pages of A Year of Mornings and Ordinary Sparkling Moments.
  • the sound of the shovel touching the pavement.
  • "In your quietest moments... / in those bare spaces where / the sound of your own breath / is all your ears register... / WHAT DOES YOUR HEART SAY TO YOU?" ~ Christine Mason Miller
  • liz's meditation. loosening, softening of holding, tightness. listen here.
  • Yogi Tea wisdom: "To be great, / feel great / and act great."
  • in my pajamas until a shower at 4:40 p.m. after, putting on new (holiday gifts from my momma) cozy-soft-pink snugglies (not quite clothing and not quite pajamas and not to be confused with snuggies).
  • creating a new volume of gem tunes, a soundtrack of sorts.
  • preparing for new work on monday.
  • gratitude for a gentle and spacious day.

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