Tuesday, March 2, 2010

the last week of february 2010

  • living this prayer written by Alla Bozarth-Campbell. a prayer that found me nearly 13 years ago has called for me again in this season of my life. here, in the wilderness, is where i am residing these days. "The stories you tell / one another around the fires / in the dark will make you / strong and wise... / You have been preparing / for this for hundreds of years. / I am sending you into the wilderness / to make a new way and to learn my ways / more deeply... / You will get where you are going / by remembering who you are..."
  • change. trish + i enjoyed our last weekly mid-day tuesday tea date downtown. {her office is moving.}
  • i had myself a rain day on wednesday. sort of like the snow days/weeks beloveds have enjoyed in new york, new jersey, pennsylvania, virginia + even texas. yes, i do live in new england but somehow we've been snow day-less this winter.
  • a monthly wednesday morning phone date with d., a beloved from seminary. as always, our call included thoughtful listening, hopeful sharing + lightful laughter. {i can't wait to SEE her in nyc this weekend!}
  • i spied a woman holding a yellow umbrella; feathers, feathers ~ everywhere; slivers of light; and, a dumpster with a large "Y E S" printed on it.
  • a saturday afternoon visit with family friends from my hometown. feeling at home, nourished, grateful.
  • fresh flowers, tulips.
  • this song.
  • i made "Camping Cookies" with dried cherries.
  • what i was calling "jogging" officially turned into running!
  • "Surrendering, anticipating. / Knowing / the explosion of color / that is to follow." ~ Chris Heeter

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Anonymous said...

i miss you.
that's better.
thank you!