Saturday, May 1, 2010


things that lifted my spirit this week:
  • a wednesday evening Skype turned phone date with ab. i wish we were neighbors and at the end of some days we would meet up, say hello, dig in the dirt, go for a run, share a meal, sit on the sofa and sip hot mugs of tea, play in her studio...together. a girl can dream.
  • a thursday night pilgrimage to Kathy's house for a Mondo Beyondo local gathering. i heart these women ~ i am grateful for this tribe and their presence since the fall into winter and now in spring.
  • a friday evening walk to a back patio barbecue at the home of dear friends.
  • a saturday morning call to my parents to say, "enjoy the show!" i gifted them with tickets for mother's day and father's day.
  • a saturday morning into afternoon reconnecting {to self, another and earth} adventure at Walden Pond with a dear soul*friend.
  • indian food {take out} for saturday night's dinner.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

24 april 2010

  • rising + shining at 6 a.m.
  • dancing to Brand New Day.
  • tending to a piece of my practice {the business/practice i am creating} that's been in process for weeks now ~ entering a space of clarity + grounding.
  • preparing for the launch of my practice website!
  • creating a space to honor bella + our relationship.
  • an afternoon walk through my neighborhood, camera in hand.
  • my first butterfly encounter of the season.
  • a stop at the library to pick up the latest from Katherine Center + Anne Lamott! on the agenda for the week: yummy reading {both books are 7 day loans}.
  • daydreaming about my nyc urban retreat on monday evening → tuesday morning + preparing my iPod for travel to nyc.
  • an evening walk to the store to gather some goodies for dinner.

Friday, April 23, 2010

19 - 23 april 2010

  • digging Katherine Center. Katherine created the above button. i am looking forward to picking up her latest novel, Get Lucky, tomorrow. would you like one of her buttons? find buttons here.
  • read a fabulous article about time, written by Dan Sullivan. read the article here. learn about "Free Days", "Focus Days" and "Buffer Days."
  • walking under canopies of pink blossoms; beside front lawns {urban fields} of yellow and red tulips; and, through shower + rain bursts.
  • inspired by this post i thought about "what's hot now?" and in response i say: children {i have shared quite a bit of space with kiddies this week while on the subway as it's a vacation week for the little, growin' ones ~ the sweetest treat}; pausing or stopping rather than pushing ~ going with the flow; and, playing + being playFULL!
  • hearting Crystal Bowersox.
  • reading about Unschooling. i have been following Sara for a while now and she introduced me to the term, "Unschooling." i deeply, deeply, deeply appreciate and connect with Sara's voice and path.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

9 - 18 april 2010

  • flying to DC + back again.
  • gathering with my tribe + celebrating an upcoming birth.
  • a booth at Lebanese Taverna for dinner.
  • weekend footwear: flip-flops.
  • patio seating at Rio, a favorite place for Mexican food.
  • i put away the shovels + salt. a few days later, winter returned {thankfully, without sleet + snow}.
  • unpacking my new cloud colored Reiki table.
  • a Skype date with ab. i treasure her open heart.
  • honoring + celebrating joyFULLY ~ an anniversary, a baptism. a year ago i received an invitation {from Spirit} to consider leaping north. leap, leap, leap ~ i did. leaping, leaping, leaping ~ i am. i am blessed, blessed, blessed + grateful, grateful, grateful for every grain, thread, bit of my life.
  • friday night at Club Passim with K, l.m. + d. a mug of hot cocoa with whipped cream in hand. one of the best musical performances i have ever seen: Hadestown, a folk opera. inspired by 14 artists communing on stage + the three women surrounding me. go, go, go + see it ~ the tour schedule is posted here.
  • game night at my house: a collection of sisters + a brother, Apples to Apples {a favorite!}, Taboo, gluten-free brownies + wine.
  • baking Glenn's Banana Bread with Chocolate Chips and Candied Ginger.
  • some sunday sunlight + blue sky. just a momentary slice of this ~ filled up my home + heart. did you see it? did you "ooohhh" + "aaahhh" like i did? tomorrow it will be mostly sunny + warmer. delicious.
  • Chipping In + supporting Odette's Girls' Home-Coming. perhaps you would like to Chip In? you can ~ here!
  • backing {along with 125 other backers + counting} the project of artist + writer, Christina Rosalie. her project, A Field Guide to Now, is "a collection of illustrated essays and prose exploring the fabric of the present tense." Christina has raised $7,772 + has 26 days to raise $2,228 dollars. join 126 of us + back her here. visit her blog {one of my favorites!} here.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

5 - 8 april 2010

  • i spy: a hopscotch + Happy Easter message chalked on sidewalks in my neighborhood; sailboats on the river; what Helen saw, through her exquisite writing in this post; and, Deb Koffman ART.
  • i smell: outdoor grilling.
  • i hear: this tune by Colin Hay; the sound of my momma's voice, lifted + lightening, after some heavy days {i am excited to see her + my poppa on saturday!}; and, a momma calling out to her daughter in the early morning, "have a good day, Lulu!"
  • i touch: my tree of life necklace, the piece of jewelry i purchased in honor of bella. when i wear it, i feel her circling me, dangling close, within reach.
  • i taste: spinach pancakes.