Monday, November 19, 2007

what i need

care to join me for a cup of tea?

someone asked me yesterday, "what do you need?" in this moment, in response, i need:

*coming home to myself
*inhabiting my body
*the presence of friends & community
*being taken care of
*speaking my truth
*glasses & glasses of re-freshing water
*being at home; feeling at home
*cultivating responding (distinct from reacting)
*honoring my power & wisdom & light; rooting there
*being light

what do you need, magical ones?

linky-link glimmers:
*this saturday is a full moon!
*one of my favorite artists & author of the color-full The Soul Support Book. brilliant!
*divine Christine is an artist, writer, teacher and spiritual director.
*this post by bella. oh, i want everyone, everyone, everyone i know to read this post on balance & flow & movement & dancing.
*one of the first bloggie lights i discovered...years ago.

1 comment:

mccabe said...

what do i need-
to see more of you!
i love coming here.
your spirit is so bright and mighty.

mccabe x