Tuesday, February 12, 2008

the universe speaks

sometimes i am speechless. without words. unable to build the structure of a word, to put it all in the container of a word(s). sometimes there is complete silence. nothingness. spaciousness. this is when the universe provides the words, speaks on my behalf, prays on my behalf, breathes on my behalf. "please send angels to hold her & keep her warm," she says. "please keep showing her the way. guiding, guiding, guiding her gently through the darkest corners, hours & days. keep lighting the sun & the moon & the stars & the candles & the twinkle-lights. guiding her home." i allow the universe to create the itinerary, look at the map & do the driving.

interesting to consider, i think: as i am a vessel for the divine, the divine is a vessel for me. we, the divine & i, are the same then, yes?

do you ever feel this way?

1 comment:

bella said...

oh yes, I know what you speak of.
i feel this way too.
letting the universe create the itinerary. this lets us just let go and live free.
love to you.