Monday, September 8, 2008

list o' loves

for fun, a meme from bluePoppy!

Song you love: Falling Slowly

Word you love: whisper

Academic subject you love: the subject of life, living. i love being a student of life, living.

Hobby you love: writing

Type of baked good you love: chocolate chip scones from a local natural food store; pumpkin pie; and, pineapple cheese pie (yes, "pie" not "cake"; it's traditionally my birth*day dessert) from a local bakery

Type of sky you love: the one i see each morning when i wake to another day in my little nest. brilliant. a blessing.

Beverage you love: water

Vacation you love: in the forest, beneath the trees and/or at the water's edge

Restaurant you love: the fabulous Indian restaurant in my city where darling deb and i shared a (my) birth*day weekend meal

Way of getting around that you love: walking

Person you love: bella

Room in your home (or ideal home) you love: my studio/creation space; a screened porch

Movie you love: Waitress

Book you love: Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

City you love: i loved traveling in England when i studied abroad...London, Bath, this moment, this is what comes to mind.

Future plan you love: marriage/partnership and creating family & community/a village

Form of communication you love: holding hands

Junk food you love: jelly beans (in particular, the tiny bean kind that were sold in a little store in my hometown; a little store that is sadly no longer there...) or soft Twizzlers (strawberry twists)

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