Tuesday, October 7, 2008

tuesday treasures

*this evening a man selling t-shirts at the corner of a major intersection in my city gave me a shout out as i put on my sunglasses: "you look like a million bucks!" i wasn't feelin' like a million bucks pre-shout out and then i was. i smiled and i was feelin' like a million bucks +.

*shortly after my "million bucks" encounter, i saw this sign, "God [who i understand to be God/Spirit/Energy/Source/Wisdom/Goddess/and more] is my pilot." amen. alleluia.

*"Where Are You Going" by Dave Matthews Band. have a listen here.

*this celebration: Day of the Dead. and, thinking about celebrating it in this way:read more here and here.

what are your tuesday treasures (or grat*nours)?


Melissa said...

I adore random compliments! Once, while driving in Philadelphia with an ex-boyfriend, a car load of people (guys and girls) were all looking at me. When we reached the next traffic light, the driver (a guy) rolled down the window and said, "You have the coolest eyes." The others were saying "Yeah!" It was very strange, but hugely lovely!

Now, I get random compliments on my hair - it happens to be half purple.

I'd like give more random compliments to others because I know how good it feels to receive them. There have been times when I've wanted to, but haven't because I get scared for some reason. ?? Why would I possibly be afraid to tell someone something good about themself? I'll have to think on that one.

~Brave Announcements of Beauty~

Susan Tuttle said...

I like the way you think -- counting all our blessings -- our treasures!