Tuesday, September 23, 2008

gratitudes & nourishments

gratitude (noun): a feeling of thank*fullness and appreciation

nourishment (noun): something that strengthens, builds up, sustains

i've been thinking a lot about these two words: gratitude and nourishment. i am asking: for what am i grateful? in this moment, right now, this now, what is there to be grateful for?

as i (continue to) heal and create and discover life*affirming and soul*satisfying ways to provide nourishment and receive nourishment, i ask: what am i truly, deeply hungry for? what nourishes me wholly? what is the most nourishing choice i can make in this moment?

during this season of autumn i will be posting gratitudes & nourishments when i post. recently, i came up with another name, a nickname of sorts, for gratitudes & nourishments: grat*nours. sometimes i may refer to gratitudes & nourishments as grat*nours. you know, for fun, like nicknames!

for today, here are my gratitudes & nourishments, my grat*nours:
*remembering: embracing and being embraced by a friend, a seminary classmate, on friday afternoon. we hadn't seen each other since graduation, three months ago. after releasing our embrace to refocus our attention on the tasks at hand (both of us were involved in a project in nyc on friday), he turned and walked away. then, he turned and walked back towards me. his intention was crystal clear. he looked directly at me, embraced me again and said, "i love you." then he pulled back to look at me again and said, "you know this, right? i love you. i have told you this, haven't i? i love you."
*remembering: early friday morning while walking to the train station to catch my first of two trains to nyc, i smelled autumn. on friday afternoon, while taking a break in central park, i sat on a bench and i felt autumn on my skin. delicious.
*this post. this is what it's all about. lighting the path for each other by simply being who we are divinely created to be.
*and, this post. practical, help*full and juicy tips for "bottling the magic"! that is, the magic that is known, touched and tasted after a fly*ing high/mountain*top experience (e.g., after an inspiring workshop, a sweet reunion with one(s) you love or a soul*full retreat). bonus: kelly rae speaks of this, too. you can link to kelly rae's post by going over to my "word" list on the left. click on "life after life changing experiences."
*these words...
"The night
walked down the sky
the moon
in her hand."
-Frederic Lawrence Knowles
...discovered here.
*considering all of the feathers that i've noticed recently as "evidence of angels" thanks to judy wise. see this post.
*bits/words and pieces/images of fall found here at Be...Dream...Play...

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