Sunday, November 9, 2008

you & me...together

word*less these days. tear*full. in*spired. hope*full. thinkin' about the relationship between my november intentions (being new; being in process; and, being fear*less) & the election of Barack Obama/my heart*full & mind*full response to the election of Barack Obama.

i feel big, wide, connected, open. i feel light, proud. i feel awake, alive, resurrected.

i am thank*full. i am in awe.

i recognize aspects of my true nature when i watch/listen to/witness Barack Obama: grace, wisdom, integrity. this feels like such a relief. i recognize how long i've been waiting for this, too.

i am asking: how can i play a part now, in this hope*movement, this change*movement, this makin'-a-difference*movement?

and, i am dancin'.

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