Sunday, December 7, 2008


there was a lot of FA-la-LA-La-la-ing this weekend! i went to visit two of my beloveds, s & a. whenever i am with them it feels like home. it's the best.

we have a tradition each year of getting together during the first or second weekend of december at s & a's home to create & celebrate christmas together. we run christmas errands. we pick out s & a's tree, garland & front door wreath. we decorate the house (indoors & outdoors) & trim the tree while listening to holiday tunes & telling stories. after the trimming is done we sit in the candlelit & twinklelit room & acknowledge the beauty & abundance of what/who is in the room & in our lives. the feeling of this post-tree trimming space resembles the energy that seems to descend on our world when it snows. quiet awe, stillness & soft delight. it's holy space. yesterday, while trimming & decorating we received the gift of snowfall. lucky, lucky, lucky us!

this weekend we also: watched Muppet & Colbert christmas tales; laughed a lot; ate oodles of yummy home*made meals (thanks to s's culinary expertise!); ate at one of our favorite mexican restaurants; cuddled with the cats & the doggie dear; drank glasses of wine & cups of tea & coffee; snuggled under blankets; and, celebrated our very own christmas morning this a.m.

i came home this evening to my decorated nest with a heart full o' nourishing love & endless gratitude; a bag full o' s & a's leftover garland (with which i promptly adorned my nest...the cherry or STAR* on top of my decorated nest); and, my christmas morning treasures (including a most color*full & soft scarf & inspiring lil' somethings from lululemon athletica).

did you FA-la-LA-La-la this weekend?

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