Friday, December 19, 2008


pen* tagged me. thank you, pen*! below is a list of five things i do every day that contribute positively to my health & well being. do you recall the juice drink Five Alive? this meme made me think of the name of this juice drink. i think this list of five could also be called "my five alive":

  1. pray. some form of prayer. even if it is a small, simple offering of one or two words whispered to Source (e.g., help!, thank you).
  2. listen to music.
  3. check in with my bloggie lights/bloggie bliss...endless sources of inspiration. see sidebar for a listing of bodacious bloggie babes.
  4. write. a blog post. a note of thanks. a word of appreciation. a list. a journal entry.
  5. drink water.
what are your five?

1 comment:

pen* said...

thanks for sharing! i {heart} your five alive...