Friday, December 19, 2008

The Portfolio Project

i am jumpin' in! woo-hoo!

Jen Lee writes about The Portfolio Project here & she + Jen Lemen speak of it here:

i was both inspired & frightened by the thought of commenting (in response to Jen Lee's post about The Portfolio Project) to say, "i'm in." there was all of that very usual mind chatter/commentary scrambling through my mind as i prepared to comment: "should i? dare i? is this really calling out to me? would i be doing this because i think i need fixing (or something in my life needs fixing)? what if i don't do what i'm saying i'm going to do?"

you know, the usual. i listened to it for a bit, gave the mind some space to do its thing & got a little bored with that. then i heard what was underneath all the usual chitter-chatter, flitter-flatter. it was this brave voice inviting me: to dare. dare to imagine myself jumping off the edge of that cliff (finally!) into the great unknown & taking that spontaneous road trip (without having it all mapped out ahead of time...who knows where i'll be at the end of the day? week? month?). shake it up. do it imperfectly. get messy. all that's called for here is that i show up. as i am. right now.

here i am.
in all my glory. this reminds me...
you know, we are all glorious. at church i've sung a song that goes like this, "We are the light of the world. May our light shine before all. That [we] may see the good that we do and give glory to God [Source, Creation, Goddess...]." we are the lights of the world. i am. you are. don't you think it's about time we all burst into glorious flames o' inspiration & possibility?

week 1, day 1. my beginning looks like this:

*i wrote 1 poem.
*i wrote 1 piece of writing.
*i wrote 12 affirmations.
*i wrote a list of 12 areas of my life (e.g., home, work, family, creative community, travel) & some notes about what i intend to cultivate/create in each area.
*i wrote a list of products (including: pieces of writing; works of art; workshops; spiritual direction sessions; and, rituals) to create over the 12 weeks. the next step is to assign a number to each product (e.g., 20 pieces of writing, 12 works of art, etc.)

want to play?


pen* said...

you go girl! i was only just listening to jen's podcast earlier, asking exactly the same questions you were asking yourself! jury is still out for me, but i really do want to play...


daisies said...

oh my gosh, my life is the portfolio project, fast and dirty ~ tee hee ... i am so freaking busy all the time that everything i do is pumped out of me on the go ... i love this :)