Thursday, January 1, 2009

welcome/well*come 2009

welcome/well*come friends! it's 2009. hip hip hooray! i have much to share and there is a treasure offering (a give*away!) at the end of this post. read on...

this is the color of this beginning, this new year, my 2009. this color has been showing up in oodles of places/spaces in my lil' world lately...

the animal companioning me: owl. at the beginning of this (owl) exploration i am claiming this symbolism of the owl: wisdom, mystery, truth, patience, divination, solitude, change/transition, learning, intelligence, mysticism, protection, wealth. the owl is the totem of clairvoyants and mystics.

i am embracing: the New Love angel card i chose (and chose me!) on sunday at this women's gathering.

as for my words and phrase to guide and inspire me in 2009...i began the journey of discerning my word for 2009 weeks ago. i made notes of words that spoke to me, including: pioneer, kindness, abundance, clarity, YES, live, create, blossom, bloom, astonishing, flow and intention.

slowly one word began to take root. the word "this." this, as in, this is what is right now, this is my life and Just This. this is the word i've been chanting as i claim/reclaim my ground/core truth/power/full*ness moment by moment.

quietly and ever so gently another word emerged to stand beside this: "bRAVe." bRAVe (for me) contains the element of activism and this inspires me. in being bRAVe i claim: i am sourcing action and shift. i intend to be bRAVe in 2009. bRAVer than i've ever been before.

and, most recently, this and bRAVe took each others' hands and invited me to hold this phrase when necessary: bRAVe in this. bRAVe in this. bRaVe in this.

now for the treasure offering. in this new year, throughout the year, i will be offering some extra*special give*aways. perhaps 9 as it is 2009? we'll see...

each give*away will be a unique gem parcel pieced together by yours truly and sent to one special someone. each gem parcel will contain marvelous jewels & scrumptious treats, sweet blessings & inspiring creations. why you ask? i heart mail good*ness & enjoy sharing goodies & i welcome the opportunity to connect with you in new ways in the new year.

to win this gem parcel all you need to do is leave me a lil' comment with one (or, more!) of your hopes/words/intentions for 2009 on this post by january 12, 2009 at 9:09 p.m. EST. oke-dokies?!


pen* said...

what a wonderfully hope~full post to open the new year with! i love the word(s) you have chosen to represent your intentions of the year. they are powerful and i believe will serve you well.

for me, i too danced with a number of choices: play and commitment being two very strong contenders, for reasons i won't bore you with here! however the word i ended up choosing, or rather the word that chose me, was {be}. to just be. be me.

happy, magical new year, dear gem xo

Susan Tuttle said...

love fully, enjoy fully, embrace miracles, indulge in gorgeous music and films that leave me changed forever.

thank you!


Anonymous said...

thank you for sharing a beautiful way forward in the coming year. leading heart first into . . . this! i finally came upon my own resolution/inspiration during yoga practice yesterday. in 2009, i shall be more of who i am and worry less about who i am not.
welcoming me to be.

kelly rae said...

mail goodies from you are the best :)

i'm still thinking about my word for 09 and i'm thinking it will likely be the same word i chose for 08: balance. i so need it and lost it early on last year. i ready to give it another go:)


daisies said...

my word is elegance but it reaches into every part of my life and how i want to live more simpler, more authentically to the me that is emerging ...

this is such a hopeful post honey and i think brave is such a good word for you ...

much love, xo

yasmine said...

i've recently discovered your blog and adore it. my word for the year is unfurl and i'm hoping it is a magical year for myself and you!


Kirsten Michelle said...

hello sweet gem,

no list.
not for this year.
not just yet.

(and the gremlins have taken note of that ;-)

last year was a quiet year.
spent mostly in my head.
this year will be a little different.
this year i'm gonna live out loud.

love and blessings.xo