Thursday, February 12, 2009

the goods: list 1

i heart lists.
i heart lists of treats, treasures, delights, discoveries, sweet encounters & inspirations.
a list o' goods.
in the spirit of organizing these lists & managing my collections in a way that feels good (hee-hee!) to me i am starting a new series entitled, "the goods", for posts just like this one.

here are the goods for today:
  • love quotes at m.writes.
  • winning a copy of Roots and Recollections! lucky, lucky me.
  • receiving my Squam Art Workshops brochure in the mail this week.
  • this post (with brilliant & playful photos) at wonderings and wanderings. i love Jeanine's voice. she makes me giggle.
  • this post with words about integrity.
  • this TED talk with Elizabeth Gilbert. thank you LeSophie for posting it on your blog for me to discover at the perfect moment.
  • looking forward to posting an inHERview with a real*life shero, jen gray, next week!
  • listening to the wind today.
  • preparing to be with beloveds this weekend.
  • today's tea date with t. creme caramel tea & a chocolate chip scone & heartY conversation.
  • receiving valentines from momma, poppa & my friend, l. i am so deeply loved & cared for.
  • discovering & exploring Jennifer Lee's blog.


LeS said...

you're welcome, my dear :)
happy heart day!

Jeanine said...

ahhh! so sweet of you, bless your heart. thank you. i'm a big fan of the giggle myself :)