Monday, February 9, 2009

what i'm up to...

knitting every day.
preparing & sending out love mail.
out to lunch with friends, including two of bella's beloveds.
completed my latest volume of in tune tunes, made up of songs i collected-songs that spoke to me & for me-while journeying through recent days, weeks & months.
making & eating popcorn.
looking at the full moon.
having a snow day.
strengthening & healing my body. going to the gym & receiving bodywork.
scheduling phone dates with soul*sisters.
attended an urban priestess ritual.
planning a spring equinox ritual.
read one of the best posts ever.
dancing to this tune and this tune.
planning adventures for march & april: visits from friends; a trip to nyc; a trip to boston; and a spring equinox ritual.
looking forward to upcoming february festivities: a trip to virginia to visit two beloveds; a day of retreat; and tea, lunch & movie dates.
softening in the sunshine of warmer days.
daydreaming about the future i am creating.
put my Netflix account on hold. i may cancel it. we'll see. i'm leaning in the direction of canceling.
signed up for a free teleseminar with Christine Kane.
taking pictures every day. including this one:

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