Saturday, February 21, 2009

the goods: list 2

  • an inHERview with jen gray.
  • spending valentine's day weekend with beloveds. a burger & fries & a catchin' up conversation with an old friend, a sister, on friday, the 13th. 13 is her favorite & lucky number. we've known one another for nearly 20 years! watching Sixteen Candles later that night. waking in the mornings & sharing cups of coffee & tea (with cream & agave nectar). reading magazines & the newspaper. chatting about all things relevant & ridiculous in the hours before breakfast is made. spending most of valentine's day in pajamas. chocolate fondue & wine. surrounded by animal love: three cats + one doggie dear. playing cards. feeling loved & loving. music. lunch at my favorite restaurant before catching my 2:20 p.m. train home. planning our next visit together.
  • MAV & Stephanie's latest project: 3191 Miles Apart.
  • finding these words on monday morning while walking from the gym to the coffee shop: "Light Does Not End."
  • listening to the wee ones chatter, play & invent at the coffee shop while sitting on stools, swinging their feet. brother & sister. the sweetest.
  • Guidebook for a Modern Priest/ess by Ariel Spilsbury. this small & rich 17 page book showed up at this most perfect/divine time in my life journey.
  • this post. i love the image & idea. i think i will make some of these i love yous & post 'em around. i also love what Maddie says about oatmeal. i think the same thing about oatmeal.
  • issue eleven of this JOY + RIDE. i heart the questions asked (of the one profiled) in each issue.
  • "Listening Is Powerful Medicine" essay by Alicia M. Conill. have a listen. 5 minutes + 22 seconds worth. this essay is part of NPR's This I Believe project.
  • the Be Present Retreats. created by an open, light, listening & believing being.
  • this post by Lisa Occhipinti. she speaks of a "gorgeous life"; gratitude; "morning sunlight"; being "lucky" & "blessed" & "in awe"; and, "kin" (i heart the words kin & kindred & kinship)...that "which happens to be my life."
  • pretty good: lovin' this blog o' photos & words.
  • the words on marta's quote wall.
  • the Portfolio Project Midpoint Gallery Show.
  • a very cool series: Writers' rooms, "Portraits of the spaces where authors create."
  • waking this early a.m. after tucking myself into bed early last night & making a collage (collaging is part of my "game" in The Portfolio Project).

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