Friday, February 27, 2009

the goods: list 3

  • this image of Superhero Andrea Scher is delightFULL. makes me smile. wide.
  • did you chose a word(s) and/or an intention(s) for your 2009? i did. i write about 'em here. i am mentioning this because at one point last week i totally forgot what one of my words for 2009 is ("bRAVe"). in the spirit of full disclosure, it did take me some minutes to recall my other word ("this"). i'm wondering: how's the journey with your word(s) and/or intention(s) in 2009?
  • receiving a heart*warming handwritten note of thanks and appreciation in the mail on monday evening. i love mail - especially handwritten.
  • exploring this New Moon here.
  • a free teleseminar ("5 Major Mindset Shifts") with Christine Kane on tuesday night. over 1,000 people were registered for the call - that's some kind of energy! here are some teachings, bits o' wisdom and reminders i received on this call: be aligned with who i know myself to be; make the decision to no longer struggle; be complaint free; naming - what am i being called to move into?/what is being called forth to live/blossom in me?; naming - what do i want/how do i want to feel in 2, 5, 10 years?; and, the power of making decisions quickly and without drama - i do know what i want.
  • receiving this invitation from the Universe: you can let go completely and trust me. it's been a long journey from there to here (and yes, the journey will continue to unfold...). it's time to let go of that last little bit and let me hold/tend/take care of it. it's time. it's time.
  • i am one who is deeply in tune with cycles, seasons, rhythms and movements - of the moon, times of day, days of the week, months of the year and faith/spirit celebrations. one of these seasons is the Christian season of Lent. Ash Wednesday (which i celebrated this past wednesday) marks the beginning of Lent - a time when Jesus entered the desert - a time when those following/connected to the honoring of this season are invited to receive ashes on their foreheads and these words, "Remember that you are dust and unto dust you shall return." this reminder touches me deeply given my relationship with the earth and in a special way given bella's physical death, where she died and our family's (crystal clear) choice to cremate her physical body and release her body/ashes back to the earth. this year i am honoring this season in an intentional way. in my own way, this will be a time of going into the desert. my intentions are: spacious listening; exploring, creating and honoring Sabbath time - consecrating a time in my life/living each week to rest, renew and remember (Sabbath by Wayne Muller is companioning me); and, praying - which i experience as conversing/communing with spirit/source.
  • keeping the windows open all day on wednesday and clearing out my nest while i worked in the community and at my office.
  • these six words offered to me by a healer during this evening's follow up phone consultation: "be safe. be here. feel good." these words were not commands; they were offerings. she told me she wanted to create something for me (a flower essence formula) that would offer me these three things: the experience of being safe; the experience of being here (on this earth, at this time, in my life - bringing my whole self to it all); and, the experience of feeling good. what - a - gift. it took my breath away when she uttered these six words in succession. "yes, this is exactly what i need," my whole self said. an answered prayer. this - this is exactly what i want for all of creation (for you!) - the experience of being safe; the experience of being here; and, the experience of feeling good.

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