Saturday, March 14, 2009

the goods: list 5

  • a blossoming give*away from yours truly - read more here & enter to win a gem parcel!
  • i heart comments. every. single. one. of. 'em. thank you, thank you, thank you...
  • this "Sprung" post by Magpie Girl. i love that li'l doggie dear face & the art & the questions!
  • this post by Jen Lemen. go here if you need encouragement or if you simply need this reminding: the earth is holding you, take good care of you (the world needs you to take care of you so that you are available & ready take care of the world) & move/be in motion - even if it's just a wee step (or allow another to move for you or give you a piggy back ride!).
  • Everyone Is Beautiful (text by Katherine Center and photography & design by Mary Swenson):
  • listening to "Unbelievable" (over & over again) by Sleepy Rebels:


Paper Wings said...

thank you for all of the sweet and beautiful comments you leave on my blog. I always want to write you back, but there is no i write you here. many blessings.

Katherine Center said...

Yay! Thank you for posting the book trailer for Everyone Is Beautiful! We are so proud of how it turned out, and it's such a reflection of the book--how it feels and what it thinks! So glad you liked it!!

carolyn said...

hi gem~
thanks for posting the links.
i especially like the everything is beautiful clip. i'm off to check out some more.
have a beautiful day!