Thursday, March 12, 2009

top ten "t" words


Le Sophie gave me the letter "t" & i chose my top ten favorite "t" words.

definitions found here.

01. talisman: something with magical powers; something that produces extraordinary results. here are a few of my somethings with magical powers - my owls (ollie, wynne & willem); my collection of rocks & stones; and, my statues of guan yin, st. francis of assisi & mary.

02. text: the words of something written. text - read & written words are a life saving grace in my life.

03. thanksgiving: the act of giving thanks. i practice offering my thanks - again & again & again. i am grateFULL for the whole of my life & creation.

04. thread: that which runs through the whole course of something, connecting successive parts. ministering & healing & loving & creating are some of the connective threads running through my life.

05. topography: detailed, precise description of a place or region. mostly i want to know this - what is the topography of my heart? of your heart?

06. touch: to come into or be in contact with. these are some of the things that touched me today - re-reading an e-mail from my roomie at SAW in september '09; exchanging e-mails with some of bella's college buds; receiving the sunshine; and, simply being in the presence of my beloved friend, t., during our weekly tea date.

07. tribe: a large family. i honor all members of my tribe - throughout this city, state, coast, country & continent; in the world; and, in the universe (including my angels & ancestors).

08. true: real, genuine, authentic. this is one of my ministry vows (a vow i wrote) - i vow to live truth-fully - which is to say, i vow to be true.

09. tweet: a chirping sound - as of a young or small bird. this word makes me smile. it reminds me of my poppa's nickname for me when i was a wee one - magpie. he called me magpie because of my chirping/tweeting. i still tweet.

10. twirl: to spin, whirl, revolve. i heart this word. it's the kind of word that consistently lifts me up & spins me around when i need spinning/shifting. it makes me think of freedom, fresh air, arms spread wide & face lifted toward the sun.

some other "t" words:

  1. tender.
  2. tiny.
  3. tickle.
  4. translucent.
  5. twinkle.
  6. treasure.
  7. treat.
  8. thrive.
  9. tangerine.
  10. taste.
  11. terrace.
  12. tea.
  13. tree.
  14. territory.
  15. theme.
  16. theology.
  17. this.
  18. through.
  19. tradition.
  20. thunder.
  21. tide.
  22. tidbit.
  23. toast.
  24. toy.
  25. today.
  26. trampoline.
  27. trapeze.
  28. travel.
  29. turn.
  30. triumph.
  31. trove.
  32. table.
  33. thirty three.


LeS said...

what a perfect list, gem.
i lOVe it - thank you SO for playing along :)

carolyn said...

i love your list of "t" words and how you described them. i especially love the word "twinkle"!

Anonymous said...

tweet! i am here. stopping in to visit your space and loving your top ten t's! ;o)
ta ta!

joanne said...

i really love lingering over your t-words and immersing in how each one makes me feel and the images they bring to mind...