Saturday, June 13, 2009

the goods: list 13

  • wednesday night's teleseminar with Christine Kane. topic: "5 Major Mindset Shifts for Taking [My] Life to the Next Level this Summer." some notes/reminders: intend my week; know my vision; "in my perfect & effortless life - who am i being?"; "if it's not a 'hell yes' it's a 'hell no'"; "energy flows where attention goes"; eliminate "attention splatter"; and, "experience completion."
  • a friday afternoon nap.
  • saying, "thank you, thank you, thank you" - face to face, heart to heart - to the abundance of generous beings here, in this city, who have made the biggest, life-saving difference to me all of these years...
  • watching season 1 of Bones on hulu & dvd. i heart the characters.
  • receiving a text from a wyoming love: "Thinking of you, my friend. Hope you're well. Love you."
  • receiving an e-mail from a sister: "all will unfold in absolute Divine perfect order." this is one of my mantras these days.
  • creating a cleansing, joyful & magical summer solstice ritual for saturday, june 20th.
  • Vivacious Photography
  • sitting across the table from a friend, sipping iced teas, witnessing & acknowledging how incredibly awesome he is. passionate, talented, committed, healing, brave, awake, alive - himself. he is truly a rock star. it's been a gift to be a big sister to him these years & offer him the cherished treasure of being seen & understood.
  • listening to Sinead Lohan.
  • Away We Go - funny, touching & sweet.

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joanne said...

just reading your list has brought a glow to my heart for how many things i am reminded of in reading it...

thank you for sharing it...