Saturday, June 27, 2009

the goods: list 14

  • two of my current anthems: Right Outta Nowhere by Christine Kane & Hold It Up To The Light by David Wilcox. "Right outta nowhere / You open your heart / And believe in everything / You're going somewhere / And all you need to know / Is that you're free..." (Christine Kane). "It's the choice of a lifetime - I'm almost sure...This far it feels so right / I will hold it up - hold it up to the light" (David Wilcox).
  • "Staying with our bliss, our calling, over the long haul has in fact brought me and Vivian our happiness. And that means staying with it in times of unhappiness. Riding out the storms, the times of bewilderment, and hanging on and staying with it...It will happen...We need to allow things the time to come into their own. To their moment of flowering, of opportunity, and to be there and intersect that opportunity, to be taken and lifted by that opportunity onto the next one, which will then include the next dark time. Probably. No doubt. There will be more bewilderment. / It requires a surrender to the call. And the call is both graceful and demanding. It requires wholeheartedness. That is the key. It is the opposite of energy leakage, of things drifting off or being bleached away or being stolen from you. Energy leakage is the opposite of wholeheartedness. It is whatever drags me down and sideways and steals my energy. It steals my devotion. Devotion is wholeheartedness." - Fritz Hull (interviewed by Rod MacIver, Heron Dance, Issue #35, Summer 2002)
  • this post by pen*. "penny found her groove...this is only the beginning..."
  • hours with my bro yesterday evening & night. he worked on repairing my pc laptop for hours & hours, even after i tucked myself into bed.
  • this evening's collage making. creating a whole of pieces. the words, "It's all about connection to what really matters." and, these words: "source" & "love" & "home" & "magic" & "shine on" & "thank you." these images: a butterfly, a heart, a girl cartwheeling in a field, a sparkly fish, the beach, a ladybug & a leaping frog.
  • today's sunlight.
  • listening to a mix made for me by lovely t. sweet*ness.
  • thinking about what i value after reading this by Magpie Girl. on my values list: connection, partnership, creation, wellness, healing, presence, beauty, simplicity, service, awe & magic.

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aw, thanks gem! :)