Friday, June 19, 2009

t.g.i. friday

trusting: myself with my life. all will be well.

grateful for: tonight's visit with an old college friend; tomorrow's summer solstice ceremony; weekend time with the fam, celebrating dad & sharing delicious meals; and, next week's monday to wednesday whirlwind journey north to create my next steps in my "one wild and precious life"...

inspiring: a little heart shaped stone sitting on the altar beside my computer. love. is. everywhere.

read more about trust gratitude inspiration friday here. tell me: what are you trusting, grateful for & inspired by this friday?


Anonymous said...

chills, girl, chills! all WILL be well! xoxo & thinking of u. ~~d.

daisies said...

its monday .. but i'm trusting that the universe will continue splashing sunshine down on me and i'm grateful for all the love in my life and today i find everything i see inspiring.


Susan Tuttle said...

love is everywhere -- sending you some -- receiving yours.