Friday, July 24, 2009

dear city

dear city - city of LOVE,

i chose you nearly six years ago. much to my surprise.

it was the right choice. i found a home here. for this i am most grateful.

i remember all those days these last six years whispering to you, "i love it here."

this, too, is right - leaving you now & leaping north to a new adventure, new home, new work, unknowns, learnings, old & new beloveds.

i am ready. i am so very ready.

you have taken such good care of me.

providing shelter in that little blue house with my little blue house roomie (who will always be my "roomie" - wherever i go) & in a nest of my own.

offering sweet & nourishing spots.

indoors - a chocolate cafe; favorite indian, sushi, middle eastern, japanese & vegan restaurants; the pizza joint with my favorite pizza; the library; movie theaters; cafes & coffee/tea shops, where i wrote, read & shared tea dates; candlelit spaces to listen to live music; places to study spirituality & energy work; yoga studios; the gym; and, places to worship.

outdoors - green squares; spots by your rivers; restaurants with outdoor seating; your city streets - i walked & walked & walked...

thank you for my work. mostly, for the collection of beings with whom i worked - they have been family.

thank you for the proximity to family to journey & heal with.

thank you for offering an endless string of life*saving beings who listened, taught, helped, healed, inspired & loved me.

thank you for the whole of these six years. choosing you six years ago makes perfect sense now as i see the whole of my time here...


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