Saturday, July 25, 2009

pieces of these six years

bella's graduation from high school.
the death of my maternal grandmother. intimately bearing witness to the process of dying.
journeys to california, montana, idaho, virginia, dc, new york, connecticut, maryland, maine, new jersey, ohio, massachusetts & africa.
attending, participating in & creating wedding/commitment ceremonies.
celebrating the births of friends' children.
taking bella to college.
moving my parents' home two times.
moving my own home three times. living in a little blue house & a soul nest.
being brave, finding & reaching out to c. someone who was an important part of my life & family when i was a wee one. someone i have not seen since i was 9 years old.
reconnecting with a dear friend from college.
healing, recreating & celebrating relationships with family.
two foot injuries & the healing of these injuries.
learning much & clarifying much about relationship/partnership in the process of dating three men (not at the same time - hee-hee!).
bella's physical death.
receiving healing from a.b. & b.k.
creating heart to heart connections with philly peeps: l.l., m.s., m.w., n.b., p.e. & t.h.
supporting the development of a non-profit - serving as volunteer coordinator, then director of volunteer programs & finally director of program development.
being supported by the funny & often hysterical, smart & wise, generous & lovely people with whom i worked all these years.
creating droplets of devotion.
becoming a reiki master level practitioner.
becoming an ordained interfaith.
becoming a mercy associate.
experiencing renewal & baptism (into this life - my life - as it is now).
leading seasonal ceremonies - winter solstice, spring equinox & summer solstice.
listening to my heart...

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