Friday, July 31, 2009


  • releasing things to goodwill.
  • boxes, packaging tape & labels.
  • two piles: things for temporary storage & things to travel north with me.
  • filling up the u-haul & the u-haul not starting (all that was required was a jump - thankFULLy!).
  • two + weeks of training my replacement at work (as of july 29 that "work" became "my old job").
  • selling my gym membership.
  • changing my address (to my temporary "northern" address, while i look for more permanent housing).
  • attending a surprise dinner (coordinated by my parents) at a favorite italian restaurant with oodles of my beloveds in attendance - lucky, lucky me.
  • before leaping north guests from out of town, lunches, dinners & tea dates.
  • a farewell party for me & my co-worker, who was also leaving the organization we've been working at for years - me, 5.5 years; he, 3 years.
  • feeling sad, so very sad about leaving my "work" family. i heart these peeps. they are the best kind o' peeps. funny. intelligent. committed. generous. spirited. lovely. sigh... i miss 'em.
  • receiving flowers & the warmest handwritten & e-mail notes.
  • making a gazillion decisions each day - day after day...
  • exhaustion.
  • deep breaths.
  • a new laptop. LOVE her!
  • 3 visits to the dentist & 4 phone calls to the dentist in 8 days for 1 broken tooth.
  • went to see (500) Days of Summer.
  • witnessing & celebrating - how i've grown & how i've learned! the whole of this was relatively easeFULL & i kept relatively calm & carried on...
the journey continues.
tomorrow i travel north to create new work & home.
i will connect with you from there.
how i wonder how you are?

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Anonymous said...

thinking of you--- on your journey! excitement, blue skies, welcomes!