Sunday, August 2, 2009

the day after i arrived

rising after 10 hours of rest.
the migraine dissipating in the night hours.
waking in my new bed in this new and temporary home space (until i find a more permanent home).
walking across the hall and through a room to say good morning to my friend, l., who traveled north with me to this new home. grateful for her presence in the transition.
a warm shower. a baptism of sorts.
greeting the generous people (the mother and father of a dear friend) who have opened their home to me for a month or two while i create new work and home.
a cup of ginger peach tea and the sunday morning paper.
friendly chatter.
phoning a beloved sister, d., who lives nearby and creating a plan to spend sunday afternoon hours together. the first of many hours we will spend together now that i'm here.
a sweet sunday breakfast. l. treated.
sitting in the backyard with l. looking at maps of this new geography, my new home. i heart maps.
embracing l. before she departed.
driving to the organic farm with d. i thought of her and how much she would love this farm; i imagined the photos she would take. d. and i sat at the picnic table by the perfect climbing tree for minutes leading into an hour +.
a solo walk around the neighborhood. quiet. green. an answered prayer. perfection.
looking forward to taking pictures and posting some of them here.
coming here to share with you.

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