Wednesday, September 9, 2009

the goods: list 20

  • an excerpt from a prayer entitled, "Earth Prayer", by Mark Nepo: "Let us live deeply enough / till there is only one direction... / and slow enough till there is only / the beginning of time... / and loud enough in our hearts / till there is no need to speak..."
  • i am now in my new home after days & days of moving, lifting, traveling, unpacking & letting go of even more of what i no longer need. i live in a sweet three bedroom shared with two lovely 30-something women. it is a light-full, spacious, cozy & inspiring space. i am hugely blessed & wildly grate-full. did i mention i live just blocks - blocks! - from 2 homes filled with some of my beloveds?!
  • a scrumptious & sunshine-y saturday morning at the farmer's market. in my bag from a local organic farm: kale, arugula, red onions, broccoli & green beans. yum!
  • early morning walks through my new home*town & along the bike/walk/running path.
  • making sunday morning blueberry pancakes to share with my roomie, l. receiving nourishment from the shared food, tea & unfolding conversation.
  • the time & space to watch a movie in the afternoon & another at night on sunday night (snuggled under a blanket on the couch, candles lit & tea mug in hand with a roomie nearby).
  • preparing for Squam Art Workshops.
  • preparing for my next inHERview. so excited to post this at the end of the month!
  • creating an autumnal equinox ritual.
  • a new library card, three books - including this one - & one cd checked out.

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pen* said...

what a great list!
SQAM to come too ~
it's just going to keep getting better! :)