Friday, August 28, 2009

the goods: list 19

  • time spent this week with beloveds in this new landscape: at the beach on my birthday, making wishes & sending them out to the ocean; at the farm snapping photos & resting under an oak tree; on the sunporch sharing silence & sighs; around tables enjoying nourishment - food, wine, toasts & laughter - together; in the car singing tunes on our way to & from day adventures...
  • enormous gratitude for this one month temporary home. my first landing spot in my leap north. a space inhabited by two generous beings. thank you, thank you, thank you, m + d.
  • week 1 of Mondo Beyondo. what a colorFULL community! brilliant tasks, exercises & conversations are unfolding here - including: creating a list of my Mondo Beyondo dreams (dreams that enliven me!); listening to an interview with SARK (she spoke of her commitment to "what brings me the most joy" & inspired me to name what i'm committed to - alive & awake choices); being sent on a secret mission (spreading kindness); and, connecting with local peeps who are participating in the course (i want to co-create a local gathering of Mondo Beyondo-ers!).
  • spending time yesterday with bella's favorite creature:
  • an appointment in a square by the river to meet up with one of my lovely new roomies, sign the lease & ceremoniously receive the key to my new home. i move in on wednesday. so excited!
  • tomorrow's train ride to be with my parents & bro for a few days.
  • a friend went to the beach on wednesday & at one point during her day she set the intention to "find heart-shaped stones/rocks for gem." she found 5! 5 - all within reach of the chair she was sitting on! magic...
  • honoring my sleep*less & sometimes turbulent nights, my anxious heart & my chattering mind. honoring my need for space & quiet; knowing it's okay that i haven't returned all those phone calls & e-mails. trusting that this - the whole of this - is an invitation. it is a part of this adventure & the greater adventure - being who i am precisely created/intended to be. all is well. i am well.
  • Eugenia Last's "Astrological Forecast" on my birth*day: "...look to the future with optimism. Now is the time to make crucial changes that will set you up for the future. Positive action will bring results financially, personally and emotionally. Reevaluate and release what you don't need."

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