Monday, September 28, 2009

the goods: list 21

  • walking the path in my neighborhood at dusk & encountering a man on a bike singing sweetly, "la di di, la di dah", with two wee ones in tow.
  • rereading an e-mail this afternoon & realizing a dear friend will be in town this week. calling her right away. tomorrow we have a play date at 3 p.m.-ish.
  • connecting with local Mondo Beyondo class participants. a handmade (made with marker on construction paper) sign to greet me; a glass or two of wine; poster paper, magazines + glue stick; conversation & laughter; plans to get together again on october 28; and, a ride home with a new friend.
  • my first monthly meeting with treasured beings with whom i attended interfaith seminary, who live in the area i now call home. opening prayer, checking in, open discussion, checking out & closing prayer. holding space for another & having space held for me by others = divine.
  • collecting leaves, twigs & acorns for the autumnal equinox ceremony. gathering with a small group of women on friday night in my candlelit living room to honor what we've harvested this past season, give thanks for the abundance & name/claim our vows/intentions for this autumn season. my vow: to cultivate play, vitality & being big.
  • magic: reading The Wishing Year by Noelle Oxenhandler. "...I want to say that a wish is a desire with something added. For while a desire can remain quite passive, latent, held within the realm of possibility. A wish, as I intend to use the word, takes aim. It tries to cross the threshold between the possible and the actual." ~Noelle Oxenhandler
  • connecting nearly daily via e-mail with my "fire*side beauties", lovelies with whom i sat around many fires while attending Squam Art Workshops. see the list of many of 'em on the left side of my blog.
  • spending most of this past sunbright saturday walking with my dear roomie, l. to the farmer's market & then the grocery. through our neighborhood & along the path.
  • sunday night dinner with roomies, l. & s. sharing news, herstories, scrumptious slices of homemade bread, bowls of homemade butternut squash soup, warm chocolate chip cookies & cups of tea. i am one lucky, lucky girl.
  • three phone calls with three women of three different generations with whom i used to work: nourishing, playful & celebratory.
  • talking about my dear bella, telling her story, my story, our story - a love story that lives on & on & on... honoring her by connecting with this organization.
  • tonight, tomorrow night & wednesday night: a string of phone dates with beloved sisters with whom i haven't spoken in weeks or months.

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vivienne said...

wow....i love how common the theme of community is within this list and honoured to be part of a community cheering for you on this gorgeous journey of yours!