Wednesday, September 30, 2009

inHERview: Liz Lamoreux

this month's inHERview is with the graceful, generous & open-hearted adventure-ess Liz Lamoreux.

i had the privilege of embracing Liz and sharing space with her at Squam Art Workshops earlier this month. she is truly a connecting, re*connecting force in the world. i am delighted that she has offered herself to us here in this inHERview.

Who are you?

Where can we find you?

I feel very blessed to live in the Pacific Northwest, a place that deeply feels like home although I have lived here for only five years. You can often find me nestled in my little house curled up in my favorite chair, millie (our golden retriever) by my feet, the indigo girls playing in the background...usually a laptop is attached to me in some way or another as I work, play, and connect using this magical piece of technology. My online home is

What makes home "home" for you? Where do you feel most at home?

I am at home when I am grounded, my feet strongly beneath me, and I stand inside the knowledge that people love me just for me. This feeling of love and safety, providing it and accepting it, make home, home for me. I suppose when I find my feet resting in sand while I look out at the ocean is a moment when I feel at home.

How do you spend your days, nights & weekends?

Working from home means I spend a lot of time alone, which is often a blessing as I do feel quite at home in solitude. However, with that quietness can come some feelings of lonely, so I feel very blessed to live with my dear friend and husband who gets me and all my idiosyncrasies. Some weekends, you can find me singing my heart out as I drive to Portland to spend time with some dear friends who live there. I am in the midst of seeking the balance of solitude and connection.

What does September mean to you?

September brings a feeling of internal rebirth as the world around me begins to quiet; I find myself open and ready to dive in to possibility. Lately, I have realized that I often say that "fall is my spring."

What makes your heart sing? What nourishes you?

My heart sings when I hear the laughter of those I love. There is nothing like a moment that includes a group of people enjoying time together and laughing. Yes. That makes me very happy. I also love walking in Point Defiance Park in my town and soaking up the trees and the blooms and the water. I feel very nourished as I take it all in, sometimes through my camera lens. Taking the time to breathe deeply and just notice the beauty of where I live is a gift I treasure.

What dream are you dreaming?

I dream of a little cottage by the sea.

What adventure are you participating in right now?

In this moment, I am in the midst of many adventures. Goodness. It takes my breath away a bit when I honestly think about them all. I guess I could say that I am in the midst of the adventure of manifestation. (I highly recommend it.)

What are you reveling in right now?

I am reveling in the beauty of love and all that love can create.

What are you anticipating?

The October Be Present Retreat (Unearth), which happens in about two weeks. I cannot wait to gather on the Oregon coast with this amazing group of women. Sigh. Yes, I cannot wait.

What are you committed to?

I am deeply committed to the practice of facilitating opportunities for people to share their stories so they can remember and know they are not alone.

What song is singing to you right now?

"Something Good This Way Comes" by Jakob Dylan.

What words are speaking to you right now?

I am currently reading two books by Anne Lamott ("Operating Instructions" and "Grace (Eventually): Thoughts on Faith"). This woman deeply gets it, and if you haven't read her, you should run (not walk, run!) to the bookstore to discover her words.

If you were to “tell the world just one thing” (as Jewel sings) what would that “one thing” be?

Give yourself permission to sit in the quiet and listen.


the camp said...

i love HER.

ab said...

I absolutely love Anne Lamott! I have heard her speak on numerous ocassions, long to take one of her writing classes, and genuinely love her work. Thank you for sharing all of this. My soul is fed through you.

gkgirl said...

love this.

and totally need to add
anne lamott to my list of things
to read!

Kristen Robinson said...

This is lovely. What a wonderful blog you have. WIshing you a day full of bliss.


daisies said...

absolutely adore and love her ... yes i do ...