Thursday, October 8, 2009

the goods: list 22

an image taken tuesday afternoon when meeting a kindred ~ trish
  • this is the goods list 22 & 22 is one of my fav numbers ~ it's my birthday day.
  • winning a "Loved In All Things" necklace made by Jan. i won this treasure here. my 3 word "comment"/response to this question ~ what do i love the most about where i live? ~ was: how i feel. what do you love most about where you live?
  • Susannah's video. find it here. if you want to catch a glimpse, a moment, of me ~ i am at 5:19.
  • a friday night cuddled up on a friend's couch, me at one end & her at the other, stretched out, tucked under the same blanket, spilling wide open & receiving each other's words.
  • an inHERview with Liz.
  • time spent sitting around the kitchen table with my roomie dears. on saturday night it looked like this: freshly baked, star*shaped pumpkin bread treats to eat; cups of tea to sip; and, Holly Hobbie, school supplies, lunch boxes with mini canteens & favorite Halloween costumes to reminisce about.
  • affected by this word: flourish. excavating what flourish means to me now as we have encountered one another along the path. i embrace her: flourish. such a lovely name. "To flourish is to bloom, to grow, to do the opposite of languish. And lately I've been struck by the link between flourishing and wishing. For isn't this the primal wish of every living being: to flourish? And in order to truly understand another living being - whether a little girl, an old man, a dolphin, or a lemon tree - isn't it necessary to know precisely what makes them flourish, as a genus, a species, an individual? Which is to say, isn't it necessary to know what they wish for?" from The Wishing Year by Noelle Oxenhandler. i wonder: what do you wish for? leave an "offering"/a comment.
  • new books to read: & .
  • hosting the first art*making night: an opportunity for friends & neighbors to gather in the presence of creative community & make art. a night filled with knitting needles, an iron, velcro, cups of tea, warm embraces, getting-to-know-you chatter & giggles.
  • e-mail exchanges, a monday night phone date (next time: a Skype date!) & a sunday mornin' cafe date with my fire*side beauties. {find links to many of these wonders on the left side of this page.} they are keepin' me warm during this new season in my landscape & heartscape.
  • packin' my li'l suitcase (the one bella named "pierre") for a heart*fest weekend in maine. such fun we will have! let's just say Roller Derby, gathering around a dinner table with 12 beloveds on sunday night & a light hike and/or beach walk.


Anonymous said...

That picture is beautiful! What a surprise to open my cup and see a heart shaped in foam. What a lovely sign of things to evolve. You're a beauty on so many levels. Thank you for making me apart of your post and allowing me to acquaint your world. Yoga next Friday!!


neighbor said...

hmm, I thought you'd posed a question, "what do you wish for?" but now I don't see it... must've been dreaming (or wishing)... :-)