Saturday, November 7, 2009

the goods: list 26

  • Companions for the Journey: A Voice and Story Retreat in NYC hosted by the warm, generous & true Jen Lee. i have been a follower & fan of Jen Lee's work for over a year. i purchased two copies of her Solstice: Stories of Light in the Dark cd last december ~ one for me & one for a treasured friend. in the winter i played The Portfolio Project game with Jen. and, this september i had the privilege of not only sharing a cabin with Jen at Squam Art Workshops ~ i also participated in her Story Weaving class. Jen is a gifted, soul*full & play*full being & teacher. if you hunger to speak, to tune your voice, to tell your story & to have that story be heard & held lightly in the light ~ this retreat will be the perfect place for you. register here. Jen has this to say about this retreat:
    There comes a time when you can be silent no longer. When the Self you've been ignoring is clamoring for your attention. When you are ready to stop clinging to what has been, and embrace a future that is calling to you.

    One in which you are seen, known, and still loved.

    You don't have to figure it out alone.

    It's time to find your voice. It's time to tell your story. It's time to have companions for your journey.

    It's time to come.

    February 25-28, 2010

  • sunday dinner at home with my roomies + 1. vegetarian chili & gluten-free corn bread made with manchego cheese & scallions. conversations about our work, books, movies, history & herstories. apple crisp for dessert.
  • Allowing dreams post by Susannah. i heart thinking of my commitments & dreams as children ~ protecting, nurturing, believing in & encouraging them.
  • a thursday day trip to providence to visit with a goddess. a guacamole & chips, tortilla soup & cheesecake lunch; a walk along the river; and, mango tea at the bookstore. when i returned home ~ dinner, play & visiting time with a dear friend & his boy.
  • conversations with beloveds about thanks*giving week & christmas*time plans.
  • a saturday late afternoon/night date with a gorgeous, smart & silly 1.5 year old. this is what i am looking forward to today.

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Jamie said...

I'm a friend of Kim Ruff's...
She led me to your blog...I will see you in February :)