Sunday, November 8, 2009

these brightFULL & wakeFULL weekend mornings

walking for miles & miles on saturday morning.

taking in the brightness.
of the wide, blue sky.
of changing leaves on trees & the quilt of fallen leaves covering the ground.
of doggie wonders.
of my heart lifting & my face softening.
of people running, cleaning yards ~ knees on earth, biking, pushing strollers & walking with beloveds ~ hands holding hands & cups of coffee.

taking photos.
attempting to capture just a sliver of this.
how it means so much.
the presence of beings & creatures.
how it saves my life.
wide open eyes, fresh air, rosy cheeks, the sound of others' voices, the knowing you are there & feeling connected.

asana, pages of writing & 14 handwritten notes of gratitude on sunday morning.

waking to this practice.
pen & paper.
pouring out.

this & you.

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ab said...

I am thankful for you today and every day.