Saturday, November 28, 2009

the goods: list 29

  • by inches* post by Andrea Scher. a poem by Maya Stein. yes, to these words. "By inches, a change sneaks into you, even if it doesn't look like much."
  • Chilly Cow Pumpkin Frozen Custard. i added another pumpkin good to my list of pumpkin favs.
  • her glow.
  • speaking the whole truth with a friend & letting the tears fall while she listened & listened & listened. thank you, K.
  • it's almost time to listen to Jen Lee's, Solstice: Stories of Light in the Dark.
  • christmas & holiday tunes.
  • twinkle lights.
  • this post by Heather, one of my fire*side beauties from Squam Art Workshops. Heather rocks!
  • grace, a post by Jeanine. Jeanine included these words by Rumi in this post: "When you are so weak, give up to grace. / The ocean takes care of each wave / till it gets to shore."
  • living in these words, the words of Anne Lamott, "All you could do finally was to just show it turns out, showing up was the most important thing. Your there-ness, your stepping into their line of vision, was almost life-giving...So you showed up when it felt like the whole world was falling apart, and your being there said that just for that moment, this one tiny piece of the world was OK, was better. You didn't do anything; you were just there."

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Heather said...

sweet and timely words. those last ones---very much how I felt at Squam and since. the trueness of it.