Tuesday, November 17, 2009

inHERview: Susan Tuttle

this month's inHERview is with Susan Tuttle. when setting up this inHERview Susan asked if she could respond by offering a photograph as an answer to each question. we both loved the idea & i trust you will, too.

when i think of Susan & her body of work the word mystical comes to mind. i looked up the definition of "mystical" here & found these words resonating with my vision & experience of Susan: "Of, relating to, or stemming from direct communion with [universal life force]." for me, there is an energy in Susan's life & work that connects/re*connects me with something ancient while grounding me in the center of my heart/life. i am grate*full for such a being. thank you for being, dear Susan.

and to you, dear reader, thank you for stopping by. please enjoy these views...

Who are you?

Where can we find you?

What makes home "home" for you?

How do you spend your days?

How do you define your tribe?

What does November mean to you?

What makes your heart sing?

What nourishes you?

What dream are you dreaming?

What are you harvesting?

What words are speaking to you right now?

If you were to "tell the world just one thing" (as Jewel sings) what would that "one thing" be?


Anonymous said...

Oh, this is SO beautiful! The imagery of answers!

Carmen said...

so lovely!
love Susan