Saturday, November 14, 2009

the goods: list 27

  • The Charter For Compassion. listen & watch here; it is 2:10 in length. you will see the face & hear the voice of a dear interfaith seminary classmate; she appears for the first time at :18. sign the Charter here.
  • a friday night birth*day celebration for roomie s. cozying up in the living room, watching a movie, nibblin' on popcorn & sweet spoonfuls of ice cream. tonight the celebration continues with game night!
  • a wednesday afternoon & evening visit from a beloved. cups of tea in hand. she sitting on the center of my bed. me sitting on the wing chair. open heart speak & open heart listening. a reiki session for her. a walk to dinner. she treated me to her company & a meal at a local indian restaurant.
  • my fam is journeying north for a new england christmas ~ a vision coming into being. they are staying in my home while the roomies travel elsewhere for the holiday. happy, happy me.
  • my ticket is purchased. the tradition continues. i will travel south to the home of cherished ones the first weekend of december. we will be making christmas together.
  • Pixie's words about owl. owl is one of my primary totems ~ perhaps my primary totem.
  • this video by Kate:

Hail to the Good Things from Kate Swoboda on Vimeo.

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