Thursday, December 3, 2009

dar inspiring

today's inspirations are all connected to dar. do you know dar? i inHERviewed her here.

today i bring you "dar inspiring":
  1. dar's post on manifesting self-discipline. sister, i hear your lyric.
  2. it seems i am participating in december views. my december views participation will include both image and word. dar, would you add me to the list o' participants?
  3. i wanted to write a little something today about Lanterns: A Gathering of Stories. it is a 48 page love and wisdom book by Jennifer McGuiggan & friends. in Jennifer's words, "this book features essays, poems, and photography about friendship within creative community." and, guess what? i found out today that dar is one of the contributors! read more and order here.

1 comment:

daisies said...

beautiful you! you made me cry, yes you did but the best kind of tears, hugs and love and you are added, xox