Friday, December 4, 2009

divine embrace

i affirm this.

this morning i am traveling to be with two of my very dearests for a long weekend.
i am planning to sprinkle affirmations (like the one above) along the way and back again.

to be with my very dearests, in their presence and home, is to be "held in a divine embrace."

we will be making the merriest kind of merry.
picking out a christmas tree, trimming the tree, decorating their house inside and out, listening to christmas carols, snuggling close and watching holiday movies...
it is our annual tradition.
scrumptious, cozy and festive.

this weekend i am wishing you, wherever you are, the feeling of being at home and the knowing that you are held.


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Jamie said...

How beautiful...enjoy your company :)

gkgirl said...

love this!