Friday, December 11, 2009

the goods: list 30

  • i opened my first holiday card of the season on monday. i heart mail. and, i heart holiday wishes slipped through my mail slot. i think mail is miraculous. when i receive this kind of mail, i imagine all of the hands that touched this treasure along the way. i think of each hand touching a piece of mail as blessing it in some way and when i receive it, grace, like rainbow jimmies, is sprinkled on top.
  • this recipe.
  • a phone interview this afternoon with an invitation for an in-person interview. i am being big. very big (a piece of my autumnal equinox vow). and, bRAVe, oh so bRAVe in this (my declaration/intention for 2009).
  • the business card and letterhead order is in!
  • "What in your life is calling you? / When all the noise is silenced, / the meetings adjourned, / the lists laid aside, / and the wild iris blooms by itself / in the dark forest, / what still pulls on your soul? / In the silence between your heartbeats / hides a summons. / Do you hear it? / Name it, if you must, / or leave it forever nameless, / but why pretend it is not there?" ~ Terma Collective
  • an upcoming inHERview! stay tuned.

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vivienne said...

i just got my first holiday card (from our sweet friend in the UK in fact)and it did feel so lovely and magical to recieve! i heart mail too!

sounds like really brave and beautiful things ahead for you! i'm so excited for you and inspired by you!!!!